How I Constructed my Online Resume and Cover Letter for an Online Job

Your resume is your personal business card in the employment world — it is your own personal branding. Unfortunately, A lot of people are still having trouble putting their resume together. But worry not, there are a lot of tips on how to construct a resume on the internet, some even have guides on how to make a creative resume with all the bells and whistles if you are interested in that. But I’ve always crafted my resume plain and simple, maybe I can make it more creative soon.

The Resume

Ideally, if you can squeeze your resume to 1 to 2 pages the better, but mine is 4 pages long because I haven’t redesigned it yet. I can narrow it down to about 2 to 3 pages if I’ve put the effort in fixing it. Personally, I don’t put a photo on my resume when applying for online jobs but this is just my own preference and you are free to put a photo if you wish to. Because from my experience as a recruiter for virtual assistants, I was able to glance several applicant’s resumes and I was more interested in their skill set and experience — having a photo in their resume wasn’t even a factor for me to consider them. But of course, it is always a plus if you have one, just make sure that you use a formal and professional picture.  I’ve also put a career objective on my resume so I am able to market myself more and hoping that can be a factor for me to stand out. Then I list down all my work experiences and summarize the details of my work so it would be easier for employers to know your duties and responsibilities. Your latest highest education attainment is enough to put under Education but if you have attended a lot of training and seminars, then it is recommended that you put all of them. For education, I just list down my bachelor’s degree, I didn’t put my highschool already since it won’t matter.  I also believed that reference is not that important since they can always ask one from you if you got shortlisted or accepted. How you construct and present yourself through your resume will matter to employers but the result on your exam is equally as important.

The Skills and Software

I suggest list down all the skills and software you possess and know as well as writing down that is RELEVANT to online work. Even as simple as knowing how to use emails, Microsoft word, excel, google docs, internet research, facebook, Instagram, etc. Because you would be surprised to know that some employers will ask if you know how to use emails or Microsoft word. I didn’t know that a simple software or skill would matter when applying for online jobs, but it all made sense eventually since you’ll be using a lot of word processing, spreadsheets, and emails as a virtual assistant. For my resume, I still included my experience as a Chef, but I didn’t go into details on what I cook, but instead I focused on the administrative side such as doing reports, market list, standardizing menus, etc. So even if you have a different profession that is not related to online work, try to dig deep on your duties and responsibilities that is inclined to administrative work, such as documentation, recording of invoices, answering and doing follow up calls, doing weekly and monthly reports, scheduling, etc. Other technical skills such as photo editing or creating social media posts is good to put too since most businesses nowadays are in social media.

The Cover Letter

You can start by introducing yourself and give a brief summary of your skills that are related to the job posting. Just keep it short and concise. And don’t beg for the job on your cover letter, employers do get tons of applications and they even most likely won’t read the cover letter. What appeals to them are your experience, skills, and your score in the exam. Also, have a generic template of your cover letter on standby BUT try to personalize it for every job posting that you apply for especially if the job is searching for someone with technical expertise.

My Online CV

I’d like to share my online resume with you just so you know how one of the thousands of Filipinos constructs their resume when applying for an online job. I will also include the cover letter that I always use and personalize depending on the job posting. I didn’t shorten the link anymore so you would know that it is a google doc and is safe to open. Also, this is just how I made my resume, I know it’s not perfect and still needs improvement. But It worked for me for the longest time and I didn’t bother to redesign it anymore since I am already employed. See my actual cover letter below and my online resume that I used to apply for an Amazon SEO Listing Optimizer. I’d also appreciate it if you can share any comments or suggestions on how I can further improve it. Apologies that I need to remove some personal information on my resume. Happy Reading!

“Hi John,

My name is elcarvo and I am interested to apply for the position of Amazon VA. Just a brief background of my skills, I ‘ve used Helium10 in optimizing listings, tracking keywords, and for setting up alerts. I extensively used Cerebro, Magnet, Scribbles, Alerts, and Keyword Tracker in Helium10. As well as constructing Copywrites to create listings titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.

I’ve also done other Amazon duties such as doing customer service through Email and Facebook messenger, listing management for the company’s Shopify Website and Amazon listings, handling negative reviewers, amazon answers, and answering to public comments, doing seller fulfilled duties and troubleshooting amazon related problems, managing FBA shipments, creating promotions and coupons, adding and editing products using as a flat file, as well as submitting cases to Amazon Seller Support. I’ve also done recruitment, training, and employee relations for the company. I’ve helped out as well in organizing and systematizing the business by creating product specification manuals, building company processes and procedures, social media management, and project management. 

Please see my online resume below for additional reference.

If you think my qualifications are suited for your business, I’d love to talk more about myself and how I can contribute to your company.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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