About Me


My name is elcarvo and I’m from the Philippines. I’ve created this awesome website as a venue to share my life and work experiences about working from home. Chef, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Food Lover, and A Virtual Assistant.

The Story on How it all Started

I was also like the thousands of Filipinos who was looking for an online job because I wanted to have a career change. I started my career with having Zero knowledge about working from home or being a virtual assistant. And despite knowing nothing at all, I persevered and was able to land an online job.

My Ultimate Goal

I’ve always believed in the blessings received should also be shared with others. With the rise in demand for work from home jobs in the Philippines, people look into the internet to gain valuable insights on how to become a virtual assistant as well as knowing what they actually really do. This blog aims to add additional first hand information, experiences, tips, and guides about working online to give readers an idea and knowledge on what is really like working as a virtual assistant.

In my own small way, I do hope I am able to inspire and help others make it big in the virtual industry.” – elcarvo