Landing that First Online Job! My Story

Everyone has to start from somewhere. I’d like to share my Journey on how I began looking for an online job. Where I found one, the difficulties I encountered, and how desperation and perseverance paid off.

7 Essential Skills an E-commerce VA should have

Skills are your greatest asset in landing any job. They bring value not only in your professional career, but also in your personal life. Here are the technical skills that I believe are vital if you are looking for a career in the e-commerce industry

My Typical Day at Work as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Just a quick overview of what my typical day is like and my primary duty at work.

My Other Duties as A Virtual Assistant

Apart from My Main Role, I also do other Online Job Duties as a Virtual Assistant.

About the Application Exam

Just like any other job application, whether in a corporate world or online job, there is always an exam (In most cases though). Here are my experiences about the exams that I’ve gone through.

The 7 Online Tools I use for my Online Work

You need tools to do your work efficiently and to stay organized. With a lot of tools available out there, I have listed the 7 tools that I have tried and tested — and loved.

How I Constructed my Online Resume and Cover Letter for an Online Job

Your resume is one of the most important resource you need to impress potential employers, so take the time and effort to craft your CV. I’ll be sharing my own resume and cover letter to give you an idea on how I did it.